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Just what does make your target audience tick? What’s in their hearts and minds? We start any campaign with by gaining a deep understanding of them. We then look at your offering to pull out the most relevant and compelling attributes which will stand at the core of all your content. As you will see in the following examples, we don’t believe in just grabbing attention with a meaningless or shallow message. The goal is to get your audience to participate in your brand.

Kate Altmann Design, BMW advertising

We have extensive experience in working with major car manufacturers and dealers. Companies like BMW, Lotus, Volvo, Jaguar and Volkswagen.

Our experience extends across many industrial companies, like Laticrete construction products, Momentive silicones, SuperCap underlayments, BASF, SmartEquip and BlueStreak IoT.

Kate Altmann Design, Laticrete advertising
Kate Altmann Design, Albany Medical Center advertising

We’ve worked across several categories in healthcare – insurance, Medicare, hospitals, surgical device manufacturers and tech companies. For companies like Oxford Health Plans, UnitedHealthcare, Centivo, Liazon, Albany Medical Center, Saint Clare’s Health, HealthPlan One and Covidien.

Here’s just a small sample of work we’ve done for consumer products and services – for brands like: Nokia, Microsoft, Reebok, Chase, Pepsi, Hertz, and AT&T.

Kate Altmann Design, Chase advertising
Kate Altmann Design, Friendship Yacht Advertising

Our craftsmanship in art direction and writing make us a perfect fit for leisure brands, like Morris Yachts, Skip Barber Racing School, Club Med, Hotel Zero Degrees, Old Harbor Outfitters, BoatFix and Herbal Dome.

Creativity that has legs. Our concepts work across multiple platforms – print, video, websites, apps, tradeshow/environmental displays, internal messaging, social media and collateral.

Kate Altmann Design, Laticrete Project Safety integrated campaign
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